Modular Steel Products:

Modular Power Systems technology is based on it's exclusive relationship in North American with A/S Logstrup-Steel and now manufacturing under the related license.

Modular Steel products are specifically designed for application in the electrical industry and are based on a industrial "power" platform.

The Modular Power System parts catalogue covers over 2500 individual parts, "all inventoried and manufactured on a scale to supply North American/world partners.

Parts are tested on "worst case" configurations, based on testing done since 1958 to meet all the rugged industrial applications around the world. We have many client partnerships that specify and use Logstrup exclusively, and our electrical modular components are designed to meet each individual market/client.

Our steel modularity, is built into both the frame system, and the panel system.

Frame steel is primarily for the construction of distribution and control equipment, such as MCC's, Switchgear, Rack system, and etc.

Panel steel, such as Alpha and the ACA system, are for control panels.

Frame Steel

Panel Steel