Power Distribution Systems:

Panel distribution systems are used primarily to connect small molded case circuit breakers to a common distribution bus bar. We have several styles which accomplish this.

There are many breaker configurations that our customers like to use and we have two very universal systems that meet their needs, thus eliminating the engineering time required

All systems are unconditionally rated and future proof.

The main system is the reconfiguration of the MPS/Logstrup bus bar system. It can be arranged up to 3000A and can be placed on a system capable of delivering 100 kA.

The MPS second system is primarily for panels downstream from the main switchboard. It is 50 kA 1 second up to 800A and has one outstanding feature. It is totally encapsulated.

The third system allows us to have plug-in fusible disconnects.

Parts or partial assemblies can be purchased from M.P.S. using these technologies

Power Distribution System #1

Power Distribution System #2 & #3