One size fits all - Reduce your tendering costs and headaches:

The Logstrup system is a rugged designed system of highly engineered standard parts, manufactured to give panel builders the ability to build all equipment to the toughest of standards.

Equipped with type tested sub assemblies and fully type tested assemblies and guided by Modular Power Systems, it is possible to build your low voltage switchgear, switchboards, rack systems, transfer switches, drive centers, and motor control centers in one facility. This eliminates the need to coordinate suppliers and to create separate bidding venues just to facilitate buying one piece of equipment over here, and then another over there.

This can also generally reduce equipment costs because in some cases you have to locate protective devices in one piece of equipment to protect devices in another piece of equipment. Get rid of redundancies. A universal design by Logstrup/MPS will allow vendors to match in the field on important issues as paint colour, bus coordination and mechanical fit.